While serving the needs of trucking carriers, Jack Whatley and
The Transportation Guys have embraced their position as…
"Friend of The Truck Driver"

The Transportation Guys Make Me Feel Wanted

“I had gotten a good reference from one of The Transportation Guys drivers, and decided to give them a shot. I’m glad I did. The Transportation Guys make me feel wanted; I am always treated with respect and feel like my services are needed. I appreciate the comfortable feeling working with The Transportation Guys”

Larry T.
Sacramento, CA

Read on to find out why The Transportation Guys is unlike
any staffing company you've ever dealt with, when
looking for a good long-term job with a good trucking company.

What sets Jack's company apart from traditional staffing agencies, is that Jack helps truck drivers find great jobs, with very few of his drivers in "temp positions." With Jack's "Lease-To-Hire" and "Direct Hire" programs, he is able to place qualified truck drivers in long-term local and regional positions.

Enabling drivers he places to enjoy their jobs, work in a setting where they feel respected, have lots of time home with their families, get access to overtime if they want it, and earn an above average income.

When a qualified truck driver applies for a position through The Transportation Guys, they also get access to the "referral job market" where top positions with good companies exist, but are not advertised on job boards or other traditional ways to recruit truck drivers.

This gives drivers who apply with The Transportation Guys an advantage over 90% of truck drivers who only apply for jobs they find on job boards. In addition, these drivers become part of The Transportation Guys "house list." Where Jack exposes them to new clients who need drivers, in case they are interested in taking their truck driver career to the next level, with an even better company.

The bottom line is… qualified truck drivers who come to The Transportation Guys looking for a good position with a good company, are offered the kind of position they are looking for. As The Transportation Guys continues to enjoy growth and success, truck drivers benefit from more and better opportunities to further their careers and their income.

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“I was referred by a trusted friend who got me in the door with The Transportation Guys. After my interview, The Transportation Guys got me a job fast. I was surprised & happy that it was with a big company with nice benefits and good pay. ”

Joey F.
Sacramento, CA

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_VFP1060Jack Whatley lives in Sacramento, California, and has been a very successful business entrepreneur, founder, and owner over the last 18 years. He started his career at AT&T in advertising sales and immediately won several awards, ranking in the top 10% of sales. Jack’s keen sense of productivity and cost efficiency led him to develop new sales processes which the company adopted for all sales channels. Jack soon started a staffing company focused on light industrial and clerical temporary workers. Applying his unique marketing and advertising skills, it became a leader in those fields. Following this success, Jack added a new line of business for Truck Drivers within the Transportation Industry. He again implemented his highly successful sales and marketing processes to more than double sales in its first year.

This trucking staffing business led Jack to create the most sophisticated and advanced candidate qualification process in the industry, providing trucking companies with the best qualified “on-demand” truckers… The Driver DNA Risk Management Hiring System. His company was awarded the Golden Gate Award for Safety from Cal OSHA. Jack was one of the first 100 people in California to become a certified workers compensation specialist.

Jack spent the next 2 years starting another company, a job board for truck drivers, and developing an online software system which reduces trucking companies' hiring expenses, while still providing fully qualified candidates who can immediately start work, significantly improving productivity and margins for carrier owners. And making Jack's family of truck drivers look even more attractive to top companies looking for reliable, quality drivers.

Jack’s creative sales and marketing talents also were then utilized developing an online advertising and marketing system that integrated online marketing with traditional sales processes that became very successful and highly regarded in the industry.

In 2012, Jack opened The Transportation Guys upon the urging of many of his advertising clients. With one assistant, he grew The Transportation Guys to a leader in truck driver staffing and recruiting. This was accomplished with few employees due to use of Jack’s proprietary marketing system and software. This system targets trucking companies that need to hire good truck drivers. And recruits the drivers these companies need with his Driver DNA Risk Management Hiring System. Jack spent the last 14 years adjusting and perfecting it so it generates safety-conscious drivers on demand.

"I chose to work with The Transportation Guys because I liked their good driver reviews. I called while I was driving over the road, they coordinated getting me an interview with a local company when I came back in town. After the interview I was offered a job. The process was short and fast!"

Nsilo S.
Natomas, CA

“I never used an employment agency. I thought you had to sit in a lobby and wait for an assignment, and all there was were temp jobs at questionable companies...

The Transportation Guys do have access to local trucker jobs that are not advertised. I was sent on two interviews at companies that I tried to get an interview with that I could not. And one of them hired me. ”

Glen S.
Woodland, CA

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