Friend of the Truck Driver

The Transportation Guys is not like any other recruiting and staffing agency you’ve ever worked with. We don’t farm out our folks to low-level jobs just to make a buck. We only connect great drivers to great jobs. That’s why we’ve been so successful and continue to be the #1 source for truck driving jobs.

We understand that you’re not “just a truck driver.” You’re a professional who wants a driving career you can be proud of, that provides for your family, and where you feel respected and appreciated.

And we understand that the companies we recruit for aren’t just looking for a truck driver. They’re looking for a long-term part of their team, someone they can depend on to be the face of their company.

Those are two important points that most staffing agencies miss. We don’t.

We only work with great companies that provide their truck drivers with top pay and benefits, plenty of time at home with their families, overtime opportunities, and a great workplace environment. In fact, we turn away 98% of the companies that want to work with us because they don’t meet these requirements.

Our Driver DNA Hiring System makes sure we match the right truck drivers with the right companies. This way, both parties are happy, and we keep our reputation as a stellar asset to truckers and companies.

We’re proud to be part of your American success story.

Frequently Asked Questions

“I was referred by a trusted friend who got me in the door with The Transportation Guys. After my interview, The Transportation Guys got me a job fast. I was surprised & happy that it was with a big company with nice benefits and good pay. ”

Joey F.
Sacramento, CA

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Our Founder – Jack Whatley

The Transportation Guys CEO and Founder Jack Whatley has been a successful entrepreneur for nearly two decades. He started his career at AT&T in advertising sales, and he immediately won several awards and was ranked in the top 10% of sales. He had a knack for finding out what people need and then connecting them to it – a lot like what The Transportation Guys does today

Using his effective sales and marketing processes, Jack then opened a successful staffing agency for clerical, light industrial, and truck driving jobs. Sales doubled in the company’s first year. But he didn’t stop there.

Jack went on to found a job board for truck drivers, and that’s where he developed two innovative systems we still use today - The Driver DNA Hiring System and an online software that reduces trucking companies’ expenses while still providing highly qualified applicants.

Jack first used this system with the truck drivers from his own board, and it worked. These drivers became even more attractive to top companies looking for reliable, high-quality drivers. They got great jobs, and quickly. He knew he was onto something.

At the urging of his clients, Jack founded The Transportation Guys in 2012. Using the online software and Driver DNA Hiring System that he has been perfecting for more than 14 years, Jack and The Transportation Guys have become the #1 source for the local-route, high-end truck driving jobs drivers want.

Our Awards an Associations

  • Golden Gate Award for Safety from Cal OSHA
  • Jack was one of the first 100 people in California to become a Certified Workers Compensation Specialist
  • American Staffing Association – Member
  • Society for Human Resource Management – Member
  • California Trucking Association – Winner Circle Club Partner



"I chose to work with The Transportation Guys because I liked their good driver reviews. I called while I was driving over the road, they coordinated getting me an interview with a local company when I came back in town. After the interview I was offered a job. The process was short and fast!"

Nsilo S.
Natomas, CA

“I never used an employment agency. I thought you had to sit in a lobby and wait for an assignment, and all there was were temp jobs at questionable companies...

The Transportation Guys do have access to local trucker jobs that are not advertised. I was sent on two interviews at companies that I tried to get an interview with that I could not. And one of them hired me. ”

Glen S.
Woodland, CA