Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for your service?

No Way…! If any company tries to charge you for a job, run the opposite direction as fast as you can. There are never any fees for the service that we offer to drivers. The Companies pay us for the services we provide.

All we do is help good drivers find jobs at top notch companies. We look forward to assisting you in your job search and encourage you to give us a call at (916) 760-7069 or upload your resume as soon as possible.

Are you a temp company?

We’re not like any company out there because of all the different services we offer trucking companies, private fleets, and 3rd party logistics carriers. Companies hire us to do recruiting and staffing of their fleets, we are hired as an advertising agency to help them fill their open job positions, and we train trucking companies on how to hire commercial truck drivers with our Driver DNA Hiring System, or are enrolled in our Total Driver Management Program.

The benefit drivers who register with us get is exposure to more companies that are looking to fill their open long term full time positions now. When you register with us, your application will be presented to the companies that we are recruiting for long term full time positions, companies who use our advertising agency for us to help them fill their open jobs and all the companies we have trained in our truck driver hiring program, Driver DNA Hiring System plus our Total Driver Management Program.

What kind of jobs do you have?

80% of our jobs available are long term full time jobs. 20% of our jobs available are project and/or temporary jobs. This allows us to cater to the drivers who are looking for a place to retire from and those that enjoy the constant change in the type of trucks and deliveries they work with day to day, or week to week.

We offer a full range of truck driving jobs with some of the nation’s leading carriers. You can choose between great local or regional driver jobs with routes and schedules that suit your needs.

How long does it take to get a job through The Transportation Guys?

That depends on the type of job you are looking for. Our goal is to make the job search and application process quick and simple for you, while also ensuring that each match is a perfect fit for both parties. If you are looking for a good truck driving job at a top company, delivering general freight locally, the length of time it takes to get hired is relatively short. If you are looking for a specific type of truck driving job, like pulling a specialized trailer or hauling specific product, it can take longer. Keep in mind that other drivers have likely expressed interest in the same job position and how fast you respond could impact your chances of getting hired for your perfect driving job.

How do I get paid?

The companies we represent have compensation packages that include: an hourly wage with benefits, vacation, and retirement plans. Each company is different in their compensation package. All details will be communicated before an interview is even scheduled. We pay weekly, on Friday. The work week is Monday – Sunday. Timecards need to be turned in by Monday at 9AM for us to be able to provide a check by Friday.

What companies do you work with?

The companies we recruit & hire drivers for include industry-leading private fleets, trucking companies, and 3rd party logistic carriers. They offer great driver jobs with excellent compensation packages and opportunity for growth. Companies come to The Transportation Guys because they recognize our connection with the truck driver community as well as our 15+ years’ experience at truck driver recruiting. They know that drivers hired from The Transportation Guys are among the best truck drivers in the area and that we only recruit top-notch talent for our customers.

To ensure that we attract the best and most experienced drivers we only accept the best driver jobs to recruit for. We only recruit for premium driving jobs that offer attractive pay, excellent equipment and great working conditions for the driver. Qualified drivers who come to The Transportation Guys gain access to great, hard-to-find, driver jobs that aren’t listed in job board ads. They are the best driver jobs available with the best companies.

We’re looking for experienced, career-minded, individuals who value professionalism and can deliver the highest level of service to the transportation industry.

How does it work?

Drivers come to The Transportation Guys to find a good driving job. Drivers submit their resume to us through our website, but most prefer to call us at (916) 760-7069. Once you have called or submitted your resume through our website, you will speak to one of our job placement specialists who will get more information on your driving qualifications and work history and provide you more details on the job you applied to or have the qualifications for around your area.

If you are interested in a job that is available, you can go over that job in greater detail with the job placement specialist and ask any other questions that you have. The job placement specialist will have more information about the job, and if they don’t have the answer to one of your questions, they will try and get the answer from the company and let you know so you understand all the job details you need to make a decision.

The job placement specialist will not reveal the name of the company until you express interest in being interviewed for the job and they confirm that you meet the hiring requirements for the company. Once you meet their hiring requirements, the job placement specialist will submit your driver profile to the companies’ transportation manager to review and schedule a face to face interview. If you are extended a job offer, we set up your orientation and training and make sure you have everything you need to start your new job.

You do not have to accept any driver job that is presented to you. If you are not interested in any job available, you can simply ignore our contact attempts. Future job opportunities will still be emailed to you for consideration unless you specify otherwise.

Why can’t I see any company names?

Simple. The companies we work for have hired us because they either don’t have a hiring department or they just don’t have the time to answer a ton of phone calls and go through the process to hire a qualified truck driver while trying to run their operations.

They use us because we know the driver hiring process and do it on a daily basis. The companies give us all the information on their driver job and we go and actively recruit and screen potential qualified truck drivers and weed out the unqualified truck drivers.

Answering all driver questions, and handling the compliance of recruiting and hiring a qualified truck driver. This allows the company to keep their business running, and in many cases helps the company grow by adding more drivers to their fleet. This allows small to medium sized companies to compete with the larger corporations that have recruiting departments.

Why should I use a company like yours?

Plain and simple, you get access to more great jobs with less time and effort. At any given time, we could be recruiting for up to 20 different companies. And we get new jobs on a daily basis. Saving you all the time, energy, and hassle of spending hours on the internet, going onto all the different job boards and career sites to find a decent job.

In order to advance your driving career, the right people (Hiring Managers or Transportation Managers) need to be aware of YOU and YOUR skills at the right time. In other words, it’s not who you know, but rather who knows about you.

The Transportation Guys connects you and your skills to 100’s of Hiring Managers at the top Trucking Companies and Private Fleets in Sacramento & Stockton when and where they are searching for candidates.

If you are a professional commercial driver we will work hard for you to get you into a good driving job with a great company. You decide whether you are interested in the position. If your qualifications are strong and you are interested in the job, we will present you to that company’s transportation manager along with our recommendation. If confidentiality is important to you, you can count on us to present you with the utmost discretion. You can tell us whether you prefer that we contact you by phone, email or any other means.

Will you answer all of my questions before I get hired?

Always. Don’t accept a driving job from a company who is unwilling to answer all of your questions. When you register with us, you are assigned a job placement specialist whose only job is dedicated to helping you get the job you want and representing you in the best possible light. Representing you to jobs you won’t find anywhere else. Your job placement specialist will only submit you to reputable companies that respect their drivers. They know that drivers have families they need to care for, and that those drivers cannot afford to guess what will happen next.

How do I choose the right job for myself?

The first step is to clearly think through what job factors are most important to you. When you talk to your dedicated job placement specialist, they will guide you through a series of questions and make sure they understand what is important to you in a job. When you understand what you need in a job, your odds of finding the right job increases dramatically. Don’t gamble with your driving career. Jumping from job board to job board and posting to posting will lead to confusion and a less effective job search.

Some Of The Companies We Work With

Aci Distribution Auto Glass • Interstate Oil Company • United Natural Foods Inc. • Vitro America, Inc. • Tecon Enterprises • Southwest Traders • Service Partners • Universal Recovery Corporation • Tony’s Fine Foods, Inc. • Sierra Northern Railway • Kh Johnson & Associations • Java City • Leer West • Synergy Events • Scp Distributors Llc • Us Green Fiber, Llc • Simonton Windows • Southern Wine & Spirits Of America Inc. • Rh Dick   Product Sign Supplies • Plastic Package, Inc. • Sacramento Wire Rope & Supply • Truck Accessories Group, Llc • Liberty Safes Of Sacramento • Pacific Paper Tube Inc • Pacific Housing, Inc. • United Cerebral Palsy Association • Omni Duct Systems • Glasscraft • Fence Supply Company • Hartung Glass • Cadco Rigging Products • Mast Hydrostatic Testing, Inc. • Phantom Fireworks • Uc Davis Medical Center • City Drayage • Adams Pool Specialties • Interstate Oil Company • Harding Glass • Ray Cammack “Shows Inc” • General Truss • Cts Advantage • Adams, Evens & Ross • Boales Investments, Inc. • Ibf Group  Hanswanger Mirror • Mobile Storage Group, Inc. • American Poly-Foam Co, Inc.  • Northern Distribution Llc • Car Wash Technology • Kh Johnson & Associations Hanswanger Glass • Angel Warehouse, Inc. • Cal-Steam A Wolseley Company • Advanced Disposal • Nor-Cal Produce Inc • Hfs North America, Llc