Finding Truck Drivers Now Easy For Smart Trucking Carriers

In the face of the worst truck driver shortage in history, most trucking carriers find it difficult to keep drivers in their seats. While a growing number of smart trucking companies have no problem keeping their trucks rolling and their customers happy. All by letting marketing companies like The Transportation Guys do what they do best. Which enables carriers to do what they do best.

Sacramento, CA (PR WEB) March 20, 2015 – While the trucking industry struggles to meet delivery schedules due to empty seats, smart carriers are now finding truck drivers easily.

American Trucking Association Chief Economist Bob Costello said, "Freight volumes are growing, but a driver shortage looms. Freight volumes are growing nicely on a year-over-year basis for most trucking sectors as economic growth remains solid."

"However, the industry is having a difficult time adding trucks due to the driver shortage. We’ll see further tightening in the driver market and a renewed risk of a severe driver shortage,” Costello says.

Jack Whatley's full-service company The Transportation Guys has enabled the trucking and logistics industry to keep rolling for more than 10 years. With this experience, Whatley's company offers full-featured services to aid trucking carriers in attracting quality, experienced truck drivers and help them retain their driver team. The Transportation Guys also offer complete management of all HR tasks, including driver pre-screening and background checks, hiring and termination, DQ driver file management, workers comp insurance (at up to a 40% savings off standard rates). They also supply qualified supplemental drivers on-demand to fill occasional short-term need.

Based in Sacramento, California, Whatley has been in the transportation staffing business for 14 years. He grew to know the most important aspect of running a staffing agency – provide quality, experienced truck drivers to his clients, who would not become a risk management/workers comp liability. Which is why he created his revolutionary "Driver DNA Risk Management Hiring System", specifically designed to disqualify most applicants. This ground-breaking achievement won Whatley the Cal/Osha Golden Gate Safety Award. When his workers comp provider discovered what he had created, they immediately hired Whatley to train their team on his industry-leading approach.

Since trucking carriers are not marketing and advertising experts, Whatley and his team at The Transportation Guys do all of the new driver marketing and pre-screening for them. Bringing his clients a steady stream of safety conscious drivers to keep their seats filled.

Trucking carriers who want to be more cost–efficient with their recruiting, retention and truck driver administrative tasks can visit for details and access to their services.

About The Transportation Guys:

The Transportation Guys provides expert truck driver marketing to help carriers keep their seats filled, retain their drivers, eliminate all truck driver administrative tasks, plus supply his clients with quality supplemental truck drivers to fill occasional openings due to personal leaves, vacations and medical issues.

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