Why Our Services Work

If you have never used a recruiter to help you land a job consider this:

Only 25% of hires come from Job Postings

According to recent surveys, the majority of hires are made by Recruiters actively searching for Candidates. In order to advance your driving career, the right people (Hiring Managers or Recruiters) need to be aware of YOU and YOUR skills at the right time. In other words, it’s not who you know, but rather who knows about you.

The Transportation Guys connects you and your skills to 100’s of Hiring Managers at the top Trucking Companies and Private Fleets in Sacramento & Stockton when and where they are searching for candidates.

Job Board Statistics:

  • Only 40% to 60% of jobs appear on the major job boards
  • Only 25% of new hires come from job board posting

If you only search for jobs on the major job boards you are competing with thousands of other people for a small percentage of the available jobs. You can literally spend hours each week canvassing job boards, ultimately competing for 50% of the jobs; which results in only 25% of all the hires!

The Transportation Guys offers an alternative strategy that aggressively markets you directly to the people who make the hiring decisions.Giving you access to Northern California’s hidden Job Market

There is no cost for our services. We are compensated the same way you are, only if you get a job. If we do not hire someone for the trucking companies and private fleets we work with they will not pay us.

The Type of Jobs we have:

Every day we receive tons of emails, many expressing frustration with the current job market. Most of these people are doing the same thing as everyone else is; they are applying to jobs and sending countless resumes with very little response. In most cases, they simply need to change their strategy.

Statistics have shown a strategy that includes personal touch, continual career networking, and a personal recruiter leads to landing a job up to 50% faster than simply applying for jobs online.

So now you are at a cross roads. You can keep doing what you have been doing and you will continue to get the same results or you can have us help you and you will be hired faster than if you did it on your own.

The Transportation Guys main objective is to get you a local driving job for a company YOU want to work for, whether you are currently working or unemployed. We know it’s not just about getting a job. It’s about people, it’s about taking care of and being with the ones you love.

The Transportation Guys will present your qualifications to 100’s of Trucking Companies & Private Fleets in Sacramento & Stockton that do not advertise (They use us). And 100’s of companies before they post their local driving jobs to the public.

local cdl truck driving jobs“The Transportation Guys were able to find me the right job when no one else could. They truly care about getting people to work. When I thought of a staffing agency, I was not expecting full time work, decent pay, large name trucking companies, and quality equipment. I can’t believe it! I got everything I was looking for, top pay, good work environment, benefits, even vacation and sick days. Before using a agency like The Transportation Guys, I thought they were like all the other temp agencies out there; bad companies, low pay, and bad equipment. Boy was I wrong; they truly care about getting people to work!”

Aaron C... Sacramento, CA